Backdating scheme

Click to download the ISB form here Document to be submitted together with the ISB Application Form a. latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and CPF Transaction Statement for past 12 months; ii.For household members who are employed - latest payslip or a letter from the employer certifying gross income, and CPF Transaction Statement for past 12 months. If the member is not required to pay tax or the latest tax assessment does not reflect his or her current income status, the member is to complete an additional declaration at Annex II. For household members who are unemployed and below age 62 and are not undertaking full-time studies or are undergoing full-time National Service – to complete declaration as enclosed in Annex II and CPF Transaction Statement for past 12 months.Household income is the total income earned by ALL members of the household.It includes alimony (maintenance allowance) received by a divorced mother; pension received by a household member who is a pensioner; regular overtime allowance, meal and transport allowance, etc and income from other sources such as rental or investment income.Council tax benefit has been replaced by council tax reduction.

Other dependents living in the same household may be included on a case-by-case basis.cousin whose parents cannot be located and the family is the legal guardian of the child).is income including regular allowances before deducting CPF contribution.Opportunity Fund (OF) / MOE Discretionary School-Based FAS - For Singapore Citizen, to fund overseas study trips, enrichment programme Students who require financial assistance can approach either their Form teachers or Education Consultant of their Consortium for advice on the application for the above. Trip for Internationalization Experience (TIE) - For Singapore Citizens, provides subsidy for overseas learning journeys to Asia with a focus on ASEAN countries, school immersion programmes and student exchange programmes with a cultural focus.TIE fund needs no application and is granted to all Singaporean students who are going on eligible overseas trips.

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