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I wasn't angry, I just told him to go fix the problem, because I have been there, I have done that.I have competed the way he has to, as a person of his gender, so I understand how important that is. The men who have contacted me online have all had sex with genetic females.Since I began transitioning five years ago, I was told that the men would go away following SRS because my penis would have gone away.Some post-ops told me this, some men told me this, and a whole slew of pre-ops told me this. After my operation, I changed my profile to clearly indicate that I am a post-operative transsexual.Your target audience is probably beyond any possibility of being educated, anyway. Are you Homepage for Transgender & Transexual Dating Ask a Girl for a Date: Your First Email to a TS Girl Bad Date Story: What a Putz!

Dvoje od troje ljudi u Hrvatskoj televiziju gleda na mobitelu, tabletu ili laptopu.Because I lived as a man and competed in the work-a-day world as an alpha male, I can better understand how important a man's job or career is to him, can better appreciate the need he has to be able to provide for himself and/or his family than can the average woman.Once, my man called to cancel a date because of a crisis at work.To find out that men are still interested in me is a great relief.Since my SRS, I have found a new sense of confidence, and now I look at the world from a much more calm point of view.

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