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It is possible to visit Watchet by steam train, as it is part of the longest privately owned railway in England.

By road, Watchet is about 18 miles from both Taunton, via the A358, and Bridgwater, on the A39.

In 1558, he obtained the status of “inhabitant” but left the following year to acquire a plot of land in the Vallée de Joux.

Over time, a small community formed and in 1612, Pierre Le Coultre’s son built a church there, marking the founding of the village of Le Sentier where the company’s Manufacture is still based today.

It has a long and fascinating maritime history, dating back to the Viking invasions and beyond.

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Within the Park is the 167-acre Lake Maury, which is encircled by the five-mile Noland Trail.

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Under this set-up, they developed in 1870 the first partially mechanised production processes for complicated movements.

By the same year, the Manufacture employed 500 people and was known as the “Grande Maison of the Vallée de Joux”, and by 1900, it had created over 350 different calibres, of which 128 were equipped with chronograph functions and 99 with repeater mechanisms.

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