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The concept of Rebirth after this life and births before this life is the central theme of Vedas.However a new conspiracy has started that claims that the concept of rebirth is not to be found in Vedas and was incorporated in Hinduism much later through Upanishads and Geeta.This conspiracy started with growth of British imperialism because this was necessary for them to bring Hindus closer to Christianity to obtain Paradise.However in recent times, now that Islamic rule by sword no more exists in India, thanks to bravery of a whole generation from brave Rajputs like Rana Pratap to valiant Marathas like Chhatrapati Shivaji, this conspiracy has been adopted by modern day fanatic Islamic dawah agentss who believe that the only way to achieve Heaven of 72 virgins is by luring people to the fanatic version of Islam.That is why you need not go to a temple, mosque, pilgrimage or Kaba to seek Him. In fact you are within Him and you can find Him through your mind by doing noble actions, meditation and enhancing knowledge.For details, read and popularly believed, the original Quran has several verses that demonstrate without a doubt that Quran has foundations in theory of rebirth.

We are not referring to the Islam followed by scientists like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy)In Islam, one has to include Muhammad along with Allah in worship.

Further, many enlightened Muslims are questioning their Maulanas and their beliefs increasingly.

Conversion activities by Dawah activists has seen a significant drop in urban and semi-urban regions in last few months. The earlier copy-paste from Zakir articles has reduced because now Hindu activists post reply from Agniveer.

More more details, refer and provide some mantras from Vedas that specifically talk of rebirth: O Blissful Ishwar, Please provide us again healthy eyes and other sense organs in next birth. You provide us the ability to have good health and enjoy life in every birth.

Please provide us powerful vitality, mind, intellect, valor again and again in next births. You make us strong again and again in various births.

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